28. Events after the reporting date

On 23 January 2018, HKScan announced that Kati Rajala, M.Sc. (Tech.), had been appointed as Executive Vice President, Market Area Finland and a member of the Group Leadership Team. Rajala will join HKScan on 2 May 2018 at the latest and she will report to the President and CEO. Jyrki Karlsson, currently Executive Vice President, Market Area Finland, will leave HKScan at the end of March 2018.

On 18 January, HKScan announced preliminary unaudited information on the Corporation’s 2017 result: HKScan estimated its net sales to be approximately EUR 1 808 million and comparable operating profit (EBIT) approximately EUR -18 million. The estimated ramp-up cost of the new Rauma unit and the related negative impact of the lost poultry sales due to the lowered delivery capability in Finland were estimated to amount to some EUR 25 million in total.