Farming community

Animal sourcing at HKScan is based on contract production based on long-term partnerships and close cooperation with producers. In addition, HKScan has farms in Estonia. The development of farming communities is part of HKScan’s 'From farm to fork' strategy. The person in charge of producer cooperation and its development is the Executive Vice President of Animal Sourcing and Primary Production. These operations are assessed by means of producer surveys and assessments carried out by joint collaboration groups, in addition to the results of strategy implementation and animal production, for example. Through its operations, HKScan works to ensure the continuity of food production in its home markets, maintain rural vitality and contribute to the national security of supply.

HKScan provides its contract producers with training and advisory services (link in Finnish) related to the rearing of animals, the planning of feeding (link in Swedish), animal healthcare (link in Finnish) and the design of new production facilities (link in Finnish), among other aspects.

Through its producer services, HKScan uses its expertise to support investment projects on farms, for example, in addition to strengthening producers’ skills and expertise to promote their business operations. You can read more about the development of services for the producers of poultry, pork and beef in the Kotitilalta magazine (in Finnish). HKScan currently provides producer services in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, but is planning to expand the services into Estonia.

Producer well-being often correlates with animal welfare. HKScan organises seminars and well-being events for its producers to provide them with new and current information about the industry and an easy way to network with other producers. In 2017, HKScan organised its second cruise for its Finnish and Swedish meat producers to promote the sharing of best practices and expertise between the two countries.

HKScan traditionally acknowledges Producers of the Year in Finland and Sweden. The candidates are chosen based on their work related to animal welfare, operational development and cooperation with HKScan.

Examples of our cooperation include piggeries of the future in Värmland in Sweden and investment on beef cattle rearing in Kristiinankaupunki in Finland (links in Finnish).