Social responsibility

Social responsibility plays an important role as part of HKScan’s responsible ways of working. Aspects related to social responsibility include product safety and quality, occupational health, well-being at work and responsible sourcing among others.

HKScan’s operations are based on safe, healthy, high-quality products. Our products are manufactured in line with strict product safety standards and responsible operating methods. Consumers’ health awareness is strongly reflected in new products launched by the company. We have adjusted the composition of products for example by increasing the amount of vegetables in our meal products. We listen closely to consumers and take their preferences and expectations into account in the development of innovative products and taste experiences.

HKScan’s key responsibilities as an employer include ensuring employee health and safety at work. We want to provide our employees with a safe and motivating work environment that enables them to further develop their knowledge and skills. We also develop leadership systematically. Our operations are based on an equal and diverse work environment.

HKScan bears responsibility across its supply chain. We want to operate transparently and sustainably in all of our activities. We expect the same from our suppliers, in line with HKScan’s Supplier Guidelines. A well and responsibly managed supply chain ensures efficient and smooth cooperation across the value chain, from the procurement of raw materials and services all the way to the consumer’s shopping basket.

As part of our new 'From Farm to Fork' strategy, we aim to actively participate in the development of local farming communities by promoting well-being and professional competence among producers, as well as supporting local primary production and investments.

HKScan also strongly supports local communities through charitable projects. In its home markets, HKScan supports primarily projects that are related to the everyday life of families with children or promote the quality of life and sustainability. In 2017, HKScan supported the Pink Ribbon campaign to advance breast cancer research in Denmark, and signed a three-year collaboration agreement with the Childrens' Movement in Finland to promote physical activity for school-aged children. Additionally, HKScan donated food aid to low-income families in several of its operating countries and made a Group-wide donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. HKScan made charitable contributions in all its operating countries; the above are just a few examples.

In Denmark HKScan continued to hire Syrian refugees in 2017, both temporarily and permanently. In addition, the company participates in social projects and initiatives and the development of its local communities.