HKScan’s values and operating principles

By focusing on high quality and sustainability in all of our operations, we create a competitive advantage both in our Nordic home markets and international export markets. Our values – Inspire, Lead, Care – support sustainable operations.

Through our strategy and operations, the HKScan Group is committed to the continuous and systematic development of sustainable business operations. HKScan’s operations are guided by the following external policies and ethical principles. 

HKScan’s operations are also guided by several internal policies and guidelines.


Anti-corruption, anti-competition and human rights

HKScan’s current Code of Conduct states that HKScan does not accept corruption and that the Group is committed to follow international human rights principles. The Code of Conduct applies to every employee in HKScan Group.

HKScan also expects all its suppliers to sign and commit to HKScan Group’s Supplier Guidelines, which covers e.g. the suppliers’ commitment not to pay or accept bribes or other improper benefits or gifts and commitment to follow human rights principles. HKScan is currently in the process of renewing its agreement templates for contract producers. By signing the new agreements, the producers officially confirm to comply with the requirements of HKScan’s Code of Conduct and public policies.

In the autumn 2017, an internal training regarding the principles included in Code of Conduct, together with other governance related topics, (such as anti-competition rules and data privacy) was held to persons active in Group’s different management teams. By the end of 2017, a total of seven management teams out of eleven had received a similar training. The trainings will continue in the beginning of 2018 and cover the rest of the Group’s management teams. In total, 128 persons will receive a governance related training between autumn 2017 and winter 2018.

HKScan is in the process of renewing its Code of Conduct. The objective is to provide a more detailed description of HKScan’s commitment to anti-corruption and an enhanced guidance to employees that no corruptive actions are tolerated. The renewed Code of Conduct will also contain more specifically described commitment to human rights. HKScan’s renewed Code of Conduct will be communicated to every employee in HKScan Group, in all its operating countries.

HKScan has not made any separate risk assessment related to corruption, however, corruption is one aspect followed in HKScan’s yearly Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. HKScan has not specifically identified any significant risks relating to corruption.

During the reporting period, HKScan has not identified any confirmed incidents regarding corruption by either employees or business partners. Neither have any public legal cases regarding corruption or human rights been brought against the organization. During the reporting period, none of HKScan Group’s companies have been subject to legal actions regarding anti-competitive behaviour or violations of anti-trust legislation.

HKScan has so far not implemented a human rights impact assessment or similar human rights reviews in its operations.