Organisation of the responsibility work

At HKScan, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is seamlessly integrated into HKScan’s business and it is a fundament of the Group’s ‘From Farm to Fork' strategy. Our people are the greatest assets we have. We are also committed to being the world leader in animal health and welfare, reducing our environmental impact and helping consumers to make healthier choices.

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. We want to fulfil our responsibilities towards all our stakeholders and want to create long-term value on a sustainable basis. We see that corporate responsibility work is a journey of continuous improvements where we want to make a change to enable everyone to live tastier lives today and tomorrow. This concerns all our stakeholders including consumers and customers. We want that with HKScan, people can feel good about good food.

HKScan’s corporate responsibility work focuses on four main areas: Economic responsibility, Social responsibility, Animal health and welfare and Environment. The focus areas and relevant themes of the corporate responsibility work are based on the extensive stakeholder survey conducted in 2014. The relevant themes are evaluated regularly, most recently in 2017. HKScan’s responsibility themes are presented in this report under Corporate responsibility at HKScan. By focusing on development of the areas relevant to the Group’s stakeholders, HKScan creates value for its stakeholders along the entire value chain.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors has approved and supports the Group’s strategy, vision, mission and values. The BoD is responsible for the administration and the proper organization of the operations of the Company. The duties and accountability of the Board are determined primarily under the Articles of Association and the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act. More detailed description of the role is described in the Corporate Governance Statement 2017.

The Board of Directors helps to establish and oversee the corporate responsibility targets and framework, including matters related to our value chain from farm to fork, the economic, environment, social and animal welfare responsibilities. The Board of Directors approves the Group policies and reviews the significant corporate responsibility related processes and commitments. The Board receives updates on progress against key performance indicators and other relevant matters. Board of Directors also approves and signs HKScan´s report on non-financial information.


HKScan’s Group Leadership Team provides oversight and executional leadership for the implementation of the Group’s ‘From Farm to Fork' strategy. The Group Leadership Team is led by the President and CEO, and includes ten Executive Vice Presidents representing a variety of disciplines, including Markets (Finland, Sweden, Baltics, Denmark, International & Biotech), Categories & Concepts, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Animal Sourcing & Primary Production, Communications and Corporate Responsibility. EVP Communications and Corporate Responsibility is responsible for corporate responsibility.

The Group Leadership Team of HKScan assists the President and CEO in the management of the Group, in the preparation of matters such as business plans, strategy, policies and other matters of importance, as well as in the implementation of the strategic and operative targets also within the area of corporate responsibility.


With the assignment from the Group Leadership Team, the Corporate Responsibility team develops corporate responsibility related programs and procedures, drives continuous improvement and secures related measurement of the Group’s CR performance. EVP Communications and Corporate Responsibility leads the Corporate Responsibility team. In order to secure alignment with the Group strategy and targets the corporate responsibility related work is done in tight collaboration with other functions and markets.