Corporate responsibility at HKScan

Our responsible ways of working cover the entire value chain, all the way from animal genetics and feed production to the consumer’s table. As the leading Nordic food company, we have an opportunity and a positive responsibility to be a bench mark company in producing, selling and marketing meat and meat products that have been produced responsibly.

The origin of food, raw materials used and the sustainability of production methods as well as nutritional aspects, affect consumers’ food choices. In addition to animal welfare, the climate impacts of meat production have been discussed extensively in recent years. HKScan pays close attention to these issues. The strengths of our northern food production include pure and ample water resources, pure soil and air, and efficient agricultural production methods. The strengths arising from our expertise include animal health and welfare, product safety and a high level of hygiene.

Corporate responsibility focus areas and material themes

Corporate responsibility work at HKScan focuses on four areas: economic responsibility, social responsibility, animal health and welfare, and environmental responsibility. 

According to materiality analysis, HKScan's corporate responsibility themes are:

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Corporate responsibility reporting

This is HKScan’s first corporate responsibility report that has been prepared in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the world’s most commonly used Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Read more about reporting principles.